Bored Games

So, I absolutely despise board games. I find them very boring, which my family does not at all understand. I remember in the old days my family would actually force me to play with them. Family game night, anyone? Yeah, I hated that. So, apparently being home for the holidays makes people want to play board games. I just don’t understand it. They aren’t fun. Actually, I find them extremely boring. That’s why I call them bored games. No one ever understood me, but then I went to college. One of my home girls (Whoopi) hates board games, and just games in general, and I love her!! I finally found someone who shared the hatred. It was great!

But, anyway, I found out at an early age that I was born in the wrong family to play board games. My siblings are actually playing a card game right now, and I just don’t understand how they stand it. I mean, what is honestly the point of them? One of my good friends from The View, Jenny hosted Barbara and me at her house for Thanksgiving. Well, Barbara thought it was a good idea to play Uno, you know that card game? Well, I was kind of forced into that too. Barbara insisted, as she said that you don’t know your friends until you’ve played Uno. Well, no kidding, as Barb was a ferocious player at that game. She killed us all, even Jenny’s brother. It was great… My grandparents want me to play Parcheesi with them and my siblings (the ones currently playing the card game). It looks like I may be forced into yet another board game experience! Whoo! (Where is Whoopi when you need her?)


The Debut of The View

While at college, I have met some wonderful people, probably the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sure, there are those questionable people that you meet once, and know you will probably never talk to again (or try to, anyway!) I never thought I would meet my closest friends within that first week, and I surely never expected to stay pretty close all this time. I became close with these three girls on my floor within the first three or four days of orientation week. We hung out a lot, and it was certainly awkward at first, but it was better than looking like the lonely, awkward, friendless girl. So, we all stuck together. We had some pretty wild adventures that week. We went to a Sunflower Field; I suppose you could call that our first get-together. We explored the downtown area together, discovering little, hidden shops. We even found a mattress store where we all crashed for a little while, until the creeper salesman found us, and made us try out all these different mattresses. We also went to a little farm and fed goats. (They were so cute!) So many good memories! After a while, we just became our own little group, and at some point, we became known as The View. It all happened because of the tea parties. Every night, at approximately, 11:00 pm, my friends and I gather in our little dorm cafeteria and make tea. We would share stories of our days, our complaints, the “hot” gossip. Well, we began to get more and more visitors to our little tea parties. After our tea parties, we would all go upstairs to the fourth floor to study together. We all study on one end of the hall, in the little corner. Over time, people began to visit us. Mainly, it was stray guys that happened to wander up to the all-girls floor. Our first guest was a lovely boy we call Skeleton. He set the precedent of coming to the 4th floor and telling us his life stories. Mostly they were a little ridiculous and completely false. He told us that he was 27, that he had a 7-year-old daughter who was now only in kindergarten. He also proceeded to tell us he had been jail for ten years. Yeah, it went on and on like this for many nights. He told us that he had a shower buddy, and  they took turns dropping the soap. Except for Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest, as everyone knows! Well, after Skeleton began visiting, others followed. After telling our RLM about this, he named us The View. And, it stuck. We have a banner declaring our corner as the headquarters for The View. In fact, we each named ourselves after one of the women from The View. I am Sherri. The others, of course, are Whoopi, Jenny, and Barbara. We make a great team. I love my dear friends, and I am not sure what I’d do without them!! 

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

So, last night, I was telling my grandparent about my great ‘ole college experiences. I hail from a private liberal arts school, so naturally, most people are liberal thinkers. But, my college especially! I mean, you will not believe the extent we go to. People are so chill there that everyone tiptoes around everyone because they are all afraid to offend someone. My college is all about equality for all, and they are especially adamant about the importance of self-identification. The college wants to ensure that no student feels oppressed or misrepresented, which is really cool. But sometimes that compromises the good stuff, and people get upset very easily. Say the wrong thing or even the right thing, but have it taken the wrong way, and people freak. Well, anyway, I was trying to explain the concept of gender free dorm rooms as well as the whole pronoun thing, but grandparents have a little difficulty wrapping their minds around it. The college I go to has this thing with pronouns where everyone makes it clear how they identify themselves. And it’s constantly changing. You can be a he one day, and then be a she another day. It’s your preference and you just have to accept it. I honestly think it’s a cool idea. I mean, I identify as a she and I think I am going to stay that way, but I don’t think I have the right to tell others they can’t identify themselves in a different way. Good for them. It’s not that my grandparents totally disagreed..maybe they did, I don’t know. But, they just didn’t get it. I mean, there are people in my school who even identify themselves as they. That’s where my grandfather got real confused, and started talking about the Charlie the boy today and Sally the girl tomorrow. And maybe they were the same person, but who knew? It just went on and on. I had the feeling he thought the whole thing very ridiculous, but I did not care and I didn’t worry too much. I believe people are allowed to feel whatever they feel about the whole pronoun thing. It’s their decision and their own beliefs; it is not up to me to oppress others or tell them to stop. I just don’t agree with those who will harm others because of who they are. As my friends and I say to each other all the time, you do you. And don’t ever be afraid to express that part of yourself!

Chilling…like, literally

So, it’s pretty cold here in Maryland, but it has been nice to see the extended family. They are a bit crazy, and they all like to ask a lot of questions, but that’s okay. But, it’s weird to see those people who never cared about me before, suddenly so interested. They all want to know about college. What are your friends like? How’s your classes? Do you like your roommate? It just goes on and on. I mean, it is nice of them to be interested, but I also don’t understand how I got to be so interesting all of a sudden. Right now, though, I am at my grandparent’s house. My siblings and I just got done helping my grandfather clean up from the Christmas party we just had. He loves putting us to work! I can’t wait until my grandmother gets back from work. Though, both of them have been dying to hear about all of my college experiences. I love talking to them, so that won’t be bad. I just have never been much of a talker. I am not a people-person. But, it certainly is nice to just hang out here in my grandparent’s basement. I enjoy just hanging, and not having much responsibilities or homework, for that matter! Tomorrow, though, I have to begin buying books and all that wonderful stuff! But, for now, I am chilling, and so loving it. (Or as my parents get mad at me for saying, I am chillaxing! Seriously, though, I hate that word too!)

Road Trip!

So, I will be leaving the campus soon to go on a fabulous road trip with my family. It’s going to be weird leaving this campus that I have spent three months sleeping, eating, cramming, studying, etc in. I can almost call this place my second home, or maybe my home away from home. I know three months does not seem like a long period of time, but here – in college life – three months feels like a year. I have met so many inspiring and interesting people that hail from places all over the country. I will miss them all dearly, yet I know we will all benefit from this time away from each other. I am the kind of person that cannot handle people 24/7, so this will be a great time for me to simply decompress. I am so looking forward to it. Plus, I really really love Christmas! But this road trip, man! Let’s here it for the late-night drivers.

And Winter Break Begins…

There is something about that feeling that one has when they are done with their first semester of college finals. Especially before a winter break. It feels like Christmas already. I mean, really. It’s just a wonderful feeling. I am loving it. And, it is especially exciting because I will be able to see my family again! I wasn’t able to go home for Thanksgiving, so this break is going to be even greater because I can spend it with my favorite people! I have really missed my family; the transition to college has not been too difficult; it’s just lately the need for family has suddenly gotten to me. Above all, I miss my little sister. She is about one and a half and she is my favorite person in the world. I love her and am so excited to see her very soon!

The 6 Stages of Final Exams As Told by Harry Potter

I wish I had found this before Finals were over. But, man, this is so my life!

As Told by Laura

1. Denial

Finals? Hahahahaha! Please. I’ve still got an entire week left. Do you have any idea what I can accomplish in that short amount of time? Seriously, there’s nothing to worry about. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna’ go paint my nails like little zebras.

2. Anger

Okay, it’s not like I’m mad about finals or anything, but seriously? A comprehensive test? How unfair is that?! And it’s worth, like, 96 percent of my grade. I’m too mad to study. School is so stupid. No, everything is stupid. LET’S START A REVOLUTION!

3. Procrastination

I’m just gonna’ go over to Tiffany’s for a quick study session. I always do my best work in groups. Oh, and Jennifer, Michael and Josh will be there too, but we’re definitely gonna’ get stuff done. Definitely…

4. Cramming

Okayokayokay. Two hours left until the test. I have four Redbulls in the fridge…

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You — Yes, You! — Stop Abusing the Oxford Comma!

Anyone ever read Eats, Shoots and Leaves? This is the cause that I stand for! I am with Lynne Truss on this one. She’s my home-girl.

Squirrel Thoughts

Oxford comma-nistas around the world are having a heyday over a recent push alert sent by Sky News, which they believe is the end-all, be-all argument in favor of their precious punctuation mark.


Now, let’s be clear: The Oxford comma is necessary in this “sentence” as it’s written. Obviously, there are some pretty serious implications without it. However, this whole “sentence,” if you can even call it that, could be rewritten for clarity, and we would not have been subjected to all this nonsense in the first place. The Oxford comma-nistas would never suggest that though!

See, the purpose of a comma when used in a list is to replace the word “and.” When you use an Oxford comma in a list of three or more items, it’s redundant. You’re essentially writing “and and.” And that’s just silly.

Let me spell it out for you using another famed Oxford comma-nista example:…

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