Road Trip!

So, I will be leaving the campus soon to go on a fabulous road trip with my family. It’s going to be weird leaving this campus that I have spent three months sleeping, eating, cramming, studying, etc in. I can almost call this place my second home, or maybe my home away from home. I know three months does not seem like a long period of time, but here – in college life – three months feels like a year. I have met so many inspiring and interesting people that hail from places all over the country. I will miss them all dearly, yet I know we will all benefit from this time away from each other. I am the kind of person that cannot handle people 24/7, so this will be a great time for me to simply decompress. I am so looking forward to it. Plus, I really really love Christmas! But this road trip, man! Let’s here it for the late-night drivers.


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