Chilling…like, literally

So, it’s pretty cold here in Maryland, but it has been nice to see the extended family. They are a bit crazy, and they all like to ask a lot of questions, but that’s okay. But, it’s weird to see those people who never cared about me before, suddenly so interested. They all want to know about college. What are your friends like? How’s your classes? Do you like your roommate? It just goes on and on. I mean, it is nice of them to be interested, but I also don’t understand how I got to be so interesting all of a sudden. Right now, though, I am at my grandparent’s house. My siblings and I just got done helping my grandfather clean up from the Christmas party we just had. He loves putting us to work! I can’t wait until my grandmother gets back from work. Though, both of them have been dying to hear about all of my college experiences. I love talking to them, so that won’t be bad. I just have never been much of a talker. I am not a people-person. But, it certainly is nice to just hang out here in my grandparent’s basement. I enjoy just hanging, and not having much responsibilities or homework, for that matter! Tomorrow, though, I have to begin buying books and all that wonderful stuff! But, for now, I am chilling, and so loving it. (Or as my parents get mad at me for saying, I am chillaxing! Seriously, though, I hate that word too!)


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