You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

So, last night, I was telling my grandparent about my great ‘ole college experiences. I hail from a private liberal arts school, so naturally, most people are liberal thinkers. But, my college especially! I mean, you will not believe the extent we go to. People are so chill there that everyone tiptoes around everyone because they are all afraid to offend someone. My college is all about equality for all, and they are especially adamant about the importance of self-identification. The college wants to ensure that no student feels oppressed or misrepresented, which is really cool. But sometimes that compromises the good stuff, and people get upset very easily. Say the wrong thing or even the right thing, but have it taken the wrong way, and people freak. Well, anyway, I was trying to explain the concept of gender free dorm rooms as well as the whole pronoun thing, but grandparents have a little difficulty wrapping their minds around it. The college I go to has this thing with pronouns where everyone makes it clear how they identify themselves. And it’s constantly changing. You can be a he one day, and then be a she another day. It’s your preference and you just have to accept it. I honestly think it’s a cool idea. I mean, I identify as a she and I think I am going to stay that way, but I don’t think I have the right to tell others they can’t identify themselves in a different way. Good for them. It’s not that my grandparents totally disagreed..maybe they did, I don’t know. But, they just didn’t get it. I mean, there are people in my school who even identify themselves as they. That’s where my grandfather got real confused, and started talking about the Charlie the boy today and Sally the girl tomorrow. And maybe they were the same person, but who knew? It just went on and on. I had the feeling he thought the whole thing very ridiculous, but I did not care and I didn’t worry too much. I believe people are allowed to feel whatever they feel about the whole pronoun thing. It’s their decision and their own beliefs; it is not up to me to oppress others or tell them to stop. I just don’t agree with those who will harm others because of who they are. As my friends and I say to each other all the time, you do you. And don’t ever be afraid to express that part of yourself!


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