Bored Games

So, I absolutely despise board games. I find them very boring, which my family does not at all understand. I remember in the old days my family would actually force me to play with them. Family game night, anyone? Yeah, I hated that. So, apparently being home for the holidays makes people want to play board games. I just don’t understand it. They aren’t fun. Actually, I find them extremely boring. That’s why I call them bored games. No one ever understood me, but then I went to college. One of my home girls (Whoopi) hates board games, and just games in general, and I love her!! I finally found someone who shared the hatred. It was great!

But, anyway, I found out at an early age that I was born in the wrong family to play board games. My siblings are actually playing a card game right now, and I just don’t understand how they stand it. I mean, what is honestly the point of them? One of my good friends from The View, Jenny hosted Barbara and me at her house for Thanksgiving. Well, Barbara thought it was a good idea to play Uno, you know that card game? Well, I was kind of forced into that too. Barbara insisted, as she said that you don’t know your friends until you’ve played Uno. Well, no kidding, as Barb was a ferocious player at that game. She killed us all, even Jenny’s brother. It was great… My grandparents want me to play Parcheesi with them and my siblings (the ones currently playing the card game). It looks like I may be forced into yet another board game experience! Whoo! (Where is Whoopi when you need her?)


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