The Debut of The View

While at college, I have met some wonderful people, probably the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sure, there are those questionable people that you meet once, and know you will probably never talk to again (or try to, anyway!) I never thought I would meet my closest friends within that first week, and I surely never expected to stay pretty close all this time. I became close with these three girls on my floor within the first three or four days of orientation week. We hung out a lot, and it was certainly awkward at first, but it was better than looking like the lonely, awkward, friendless girl. So, we all stuck together. We had some pretty wild adventures that week. We went to a Sunflower Field; I suppose you could call that our first get-together. We explored the downtown area together, discovering little, hidden shops. We even found a mattress store where we all crashed for a little while, until the creeper salesman found us, and made us try out all these different mattresses. We also went to a little farm and fed goats. (They were so cute!) So many good memories! After a while, we just became our own little group, and at some point, we became known as The View. It all happened because of the tea parties. Every night, at approximately, 11:00 pm, my friends and I gather in our little dorm cafeteria and make tea. We would share stories of our days, our complaints, the “hot” gossip. Well, we began to get more and more visitors to our little tea parties. After our tea parties, we would all go upstairs to the fourth floor to study together. We all study on one end of the hall, in the little corner. Over time, people began to visit us. Mainly, it was stray guys that happened to wander up to the all-girls floor. Our first guest was a lovely boy we call Skeleton. He set the precedent of coming to the 4th floor and telling us his life stories. Mostly they were a little ridiculous and completely false. He told us that he was 27, that he had a 7-year-old daughter who was now only in kindergarten. He also proceeded to tell us he had been jail for ten years. Yeah, it went on and on like this for many nights. He told us that he had a shower buddy, and  they took turns dropping the soap. Except for Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest, as everyone knows! Well, after Skeleton began visiting, others followed. After telling our RLM about this, he named us The View. And, it stuck. We have a banner declaring our corner as the headquarters for The View. In fact, we each named ourselves after one of the women from The View. I am Sherri. The others, of course, are Whoopi, Jenny, and Barbara. We make a great team. I love my dear friends, and I am not sure what I’d do without them!! 


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