Valentine’s Day and Menism

So, just briefly, I hate Valentine’s Day. It seems like a pointless holiday, and people are always really annoying about it. It’s so overrated. I mean, why does love have to be this over sensationalized thing? I despise it. But, to those of you who get enjoyment from it — Happy V Day! Hope you enjoy your mushy gushy, annoying, dramatized night!

As for menism, well, let me just say my college is sooo annoying. There are so many feminists on campus that any little thing becomes a topic related back to feminism. If there’s a feminism, there should be a menism. But see if guys speak up, they are shot down, because they are “privileged.”  How is that equality? The school I go to likes to boast about progress and equal rights, when all it really is doing is supporting oppression and drunken fools. Let’s win that victory! If that’s what our future leaders look like, I am moving to Canada.


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