Going Home…

My school is all year round, but I get two week breaks in between every quarter, which lasts about three months each. I am going home in about two weeks , and yet I still have so much stuff to do before then. I have two chem tests before then, a bio paper, maybe a bio test (?), some bio and chem labs, final exams, revisions to final papers, and catching up on some reading. Oh – and that Spanish project. Wow, two weeks. And you know, I am going home to working full time at my old job (Subway) before I leave on that internship to the big CA! I have a couple errands to run too, while I’m home. It will be a good break, I suppose.

I found a typewriter… which is so cool! It’s really old and dirty and broken in certain places, but I think it would be a lot of fun to revive it and make it my own. I have always wanted to have a typewriter. I am super excited about that. I feel bad for the thing actually; it’s really run down and it is obvious the previous owner did not take good care of it. But, it will be fun to fix it up. I also can’t wait to see my little sis; she is now taking yoga classes, and is so adorable. I always hated pigtails, but somehow on her, they are the cutest thing I have ever seen!


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