The Life of A College Student…

Just a sneak peak into the life of a college student: it is 12:30 AM. I am still working on homework, not exactly because it is due tomorrow, but more to help myself out later. Just a few minutes ago, I was helping my friend make a friendship bracelet out of colored string for a peace sign pendant. It is 12:34 AM. I am surrounded by chemistry notes, syllabuses that act as my modern version of the Bible, and a half-eaten poptart to help keep me awake. Currently, my room is a mess. Clothing is strewn everywhere, closed and open textbooks lying on the ground by my feet. A lone football lies in the corner of my room beside my stuffed Spongebob. I pulled off my sheets this morning to encourage myself to wash them today…they are still on the floor where I left them. It is 12:43 AM. I am not even tired. As a college student, you eventually become immune to exhaustion. Well, until it hits you the next day, and you are almost late to class. Ahhh, college!


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