I Loved Chemistry Until…

I Loved Chemistry Until...

Today. I loved chemistry until today. I used to be good at it. And then, I went to college. I went to college thinking I was going to be an Environmental Science major. Well, my chem teacher – the only one that teaches chem- (what can I say? I go to school of only 200 undergrads!) graduated from Harvard, so he has this snootiness about him. I mean, Harvard is pretty cool, but I think it went to his head a little, That’s not to say that I am completely blaming my new-found dislike of chem on him. (Actually… it is; I just wanted to say “new-found.” Is that a real hyphenated word? Are hyphenated words even real words??) Well, I have been working ridiculously hard in his class, and I am still struggling to complete his open-note (another one!), open-book (yes!), take-home (ok, it’s a little much; I get it!) test. The problem is that I feel as if he is not thorough enough. I had a wonderful teacher in high school who was a very difficult, strict woman and she taught with an iron fist, but man, I loved it! I used to salivate at even the thought of solving the enthalpy of reaction or using stoichiometry to ultimately find the limiting reagent. But, ugh, my Harvard teacher makes balancing equations feel like you are a first grader getting your first lesson in quantum physics. Oh Chemistry of my past, where art thou?


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