Welcome To California

So, I am finally here. I have started my first internship. I am currently working on a small organic farm in Northern California. I got here three days ago. It has been a very long, but contented three days. I never thought that rural California would seem far more country than good ‘ole TN, which I just left. I was there for spring break because that’s where my family lives. Anyway, the place is beautiful and hot. You have no idea how thankful I am for warm weather, despite the fact that my hands are sweating on these keys as I type this post in the attic of a barn. Yes, I said attic of a barn. That’s where I live actually. I live up here, and every morning I am greeted to brilliant sunshine streaming through my windows right across from my bed. I do not have a shower. I have a tub. I also have quite a few spider roommates. I watch them fight each other on the ceiling every morning when I wake. They sometimes travel to others’ webs and they will stop moving to try and feel the vibrations of their neighbors and testing if maybe they can make a snack of the smaller ones! I have been working some long days, but it is so worth it. I am really loving every second of it. Until later!


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