The Mysterious Redwood

I thought this was one sweet pic! I went to Muir Woods back in May, and I took a lot of great pictures. I thought this one was stunning. Trees are so cool. They are just so mysterious, and they always feel so distinguished to me. I don’t know. I just always feel so solemn and respectful around them, like they are something to cherish. They are beautiful and they hold such secrets. I always wonder what kinds of things trees have seen. Especially Redwoods. They are so beautiful. I love John Muir, and I love trees. I always thought it was so cool, and a bit comical to think that little, dwarfish, ancient John Muir with his signature white beard had such a long involved conversation with Roosevelt. It amazes me to think that he made so much progress for the Redwoods. I am glad these big trees are here today. They are like the grandfathers of all trees with their fuzzy, deep maroon bark. So calm and simple, which is so hard to find in every day life.


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