Random Life

So, I realize I have not written in a really long time. I guess I have been busy. Life catches up to you, and especially after my internship (and even during), I couldn’t find the time to get on here. It’s funny how much has changed since I arrived at college. And, especially since I returned after my internship. It’s weird how different I am. It was like after this farm job, I changed into someone else. Not necessarily bad, but it is almost scary how different I feel around others at my school. When I returned to school, I thought everyone seemed so different, and then I realized it wasn’t just them. It was me too. And, I am not sure if it’s that great, because it is almost like all of my friends and I are on different wavelengths. Is it possible to change so much in three months, so much to forget who you were, and then just not get anyone anymore? There is a sense of helplessness, I guess with this. I suppose it is normal, but it saddens me and makes me feel a little alone. Which is funny considering how far removed I was for three months. Maybe I just forgot how to interact with humanity! 🙂

I have made some progress here, though. I have organized a protest with some other students, and it has actually been very successful. Everyone, I am sure, knows what is going on with police shooting incidents. I helped organize something, and it has made me feel really empowered. Not only that, but I now work four jobs, which is really exciting. Who needs a social life anyway? Jobs galore and college all day every day. No problem!


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