I Hate College

So, I have finally come to the realization that I truly hate the school that I am attending. But, I can’t leave because I can’t afford to go anywhere else. I don’t want to preach my drama or anything, but just want to make it known to the world, in venting style, that I hate this school. I cry over it every night, but no one is there to console me. The reason being: the people here have lost touch with humanity. I feel like I am in some kind of warped zone where everything is totally messed up. Nothing is as it seems. I am so depressed, and incredibly disillusioned. My college promotes social activism and change. That is a joke. I am literally caught in the middle of a hateful group of people that have switched all their empathy for people off. Some days, I cannot even take it. I work four jobs to support my self and the ability to attend this school, only to be miserable. What is the point?